October 10, 2012

One Good News!

And then suddenly I got an instant urge to post something up! I really wanted to share this very amazing thing that happened to me just recently so here it is. ^^

I just got 1-Up'ed at work! Technically speaking, it can be called a promotion, but it isn't really the case for now. No adjustment yet and I'm not yet sure if I still have to undergo the 90 days probationary period. But still, I'm now the team lead of the very first team that I've become a part of when I first entered this company!

It was just last week when finally it was announced that I will be taking over it since my former TL is now going to be handling a category team as the newest Category Manager. And thinking that I haven't even completed my 6 months probationary period (Ending by October 20) as a new employee, well.. as a returnee actually, still I was the one chosen to lead the team. One of the newly hired even asked me if how does it feel like to be promoted, even asking me if I was happy about it. Of course I'm happy about it! And I can even picture how my former colleagues will be happy about it as well!

But a promotion this may be, the work load will also add up. I am now extending from 8 to 12 hours stay at our office just making sure that I somehow covered almost everything for a day's work! I don't know if its healthy this way but knowing that I don't have anything to do at home, staying late like up to 9pm is just fine. But of course, if there are like meet-up with friends, I'll surely be out of the office as early as 6pm! (Regular out is 5PM! XD)

But what happened before I got this is promotion is kind of a sad story. To cut it short, let's just say that, there are people who are likely to become successful in his career than on his love life or vice versa. Now knowing that I succeeded on becoming the team's lead, you might now somehow got a grasp of the other half of the story.

Can you even imagine that the night before I received this good news, I was like talking to this person doing this "breaking up slash letting go" kind of thing? So in one way or another, I think I'm still lucky even after what happened. Aside from being lonely, I was given a reason to become more happy.

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xian said...

Good luck on your new step in your career! :)
Naku~ alam mo naman ang buhay, weather-weather lang :)
Laging may opposite at pag rason ang lahat ng bagay :D

Congrats ulit! Yey!