January 17, 2013


And then it's happening again. Is there anything wrong being with me in the same bed sleeping with my close friend?

I mean I kinda have some other few close friends but there's always this particular someone who makes it difficult for the both of us to share a single bed.

I remember back in college, I tend to go home at bud's house more often than on my room in my apartment. Then of course I've been invading his room back then. For the early part, we still somehow shared his bed on bedtimes but there came a time when he started sleeping on the couch on the living room and somethimes on their duyan at the terrace. His girlfriend even noticed that and told him to go back to his room and sleep there even if I'm there.

I don't want this to sound like there's this bromance thing is going on but c'mon, I just wanna know what's running on his mind on those times when he's just letting me sleep on his bed alone. Is he just making my sleep more comfortable?! It's not like I'm so malikot while sleeping? But this kind of thing didn't really became clear to me.

And now, I've becoming closer with this bunch of friends and of course, there happened to be someone, who like bud, started to let me stay on his bed alone while he's up there on the other room where our other friend is staying. I've even thrown some jokes on them about pushing him to go back to sleep with me on his bed again but for some unimaginable reason which I really can't understand, there is really no luck!

It isn't really a big deal but still you can't simply take it away from me and prevent me from thinking why. Well I could understand if he gets comfortable sleeping with them, even thinking that one of them is, well, just like me, and add to that the fact that they already had spent a lot of years together which I can't argue with knowing that I have only known him for only a few years now. But still..
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