January 30, 2013

Bits of Me

I don't know if I'm in a hurry but I really need to go to bed soon, waking up by 5am is really my biggest challenge right now! XD New working schedule came in and it's an hour early than what we have before. Now we're on a 7AM-4PM shift. LOL

I'll just be posting some bits of random thoughts that I'm having these days. I can't get to blog them separately so I'll be posting them here in a very random manner.


I don't want to be monitored like every minute (I know this one's exag! XD) or every hour. It's not that I'm in a relationship right now but I just can't stand some texts that I'm receiving over the past days that's like checking on me if I already ate, or if I'm at the office, or anything close to that. What's worse is that when I didn't reply, the sender will think that I'm mad. Like come on, that is so not enough to make me mad. It's just that after being single for almost 5 years now, I'm not used to anything like that anymore. Once in a while is fine. I mean, of course you'll know when I'm at the office. I'm on a day shift so everybody would know that already. And of course I'm eating my meals though sometimes not on the proper time of eating. And for those in between, I tend to send some GMs from time to time, so basically you'll get to know what's going on with me.

But since Friday I started to stop sending those GMs again. Maybe I'll send 1 before I go to sleep.

I don't know, maybe I'm not really into courtships of that kind. For me, if you like me and I like you then be it. But if it isn't mutual, I hope you'll get to know that I'm never going to be into you.


I'll never make myself look pathetic and stupid ever again. Because of that situation above, I realized how pathetic I am to be the one making all those moves to someone who I know is not really into me. Everything that I've done in the past, I'm seeing it all again through this certain person. It's like I was given a chance to be on the other person's shoes and be the one being pursued. Of course I feel bad about it, for myself and for this person right now but I just wish that we can just go back to those times when there's no romantic attachment involved.


Just survived a lay-off at work and now I'm going to start working under a new Manager. And add to that, I've became a part of the Management team which is making me feel kind of uneasy. Maybe I'm still on the adjustment stage where I need to learn more about how to handle a team and to address several concerns more professionally. It's more like a culture shock for me because my position before even as a Team Leader didn't really required me to act like I'm the boss. In our team, we're like a bunch of friends playing but the difference is, were at an office working. Now that I've reached this point, the word professionalism is now really hitting me hard. It's now different in a lot of ways. But still I see it as an opportunity for me to grow and that's still a good thing for me!

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